About us


The Shared University Research Facilities (SuRF @ Edinburgh Bioquarter) is an amalgamation of complementary units that provide a large range of expert biomedical research services. We have a shared ethos of providing research support throughout the University and beyond. Our mission is to provide excellence in technical support, academic guidance and technical troubleshooting.  We also offer access to a very wide range of equipment platforms as well as fully assisted expert support. Many of the SRFs work on a full cost recovery basis, which ensures that we can maintain state-of-the-art equipment  in best working order, to enhance our equipment infrastructure, and to continuously adapt it to changing customer requirements.

We will carry out work requests to the highest quality standards in a timely manner in order to facilitate and speed up  your research activities. The delivery of services and the use of equipment is organised to provide research facilities in an atmosphere of mutual respect and optimised to generate cutting-edge support to biomedical sciences in the University of Edinburgh and beyond.

We hope that you will use our services to enhance your research and we look forward to working with you.