The SuRF @ QMRI group offers a diverse range of facilities.

Edinburgh Reproductive Tissue Biobank

Edinburgh Reproductive Tissue Biobank http://www.crh.ed.ac.uk/biobank/ offers high quality tissue samples and matched anonymised medical data. This unique resource is available to all and provides unparalleled access to collections and datasets. List of Tissues and Samples Saliva buccal smear maternal urine neonatal urine cervical brush biopsy cervical biopsy high vaginal swab blood plasma blood serum cord […]


Our mission is to deliver high quality tissue processing, sectioning and special stains for the research community delivered by highly skilled and experienced staff. All requests are accommodated whether routine or specialised to your specific requirements. Service Delivering high quality tissue processing, paraffin sectioning, cryostat sectioning and special empirical staining techniques for a diverse range […]

Molecular Histology and Slide Scanning

Our mission is to deliver publication quality histological imaging , immunohistochemical, immunofluorescent and multiplex staining on fixed cells and tissues in spirit of GLP standards. Using robotic staining platforms and highly experienced staff we deliver the following key services. Histological imaging Primary antibody optimisation High throughput immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence Multiplex protein detection (Colourimetric or Fluorescent) […]

Biomolecular and Assay Core

Biomolecular Core can revolutionize your research by providing access to state-of-the-art techniques and procedures. We are experts in: Quantitative real-time PCR Manipulation of lentiviral vectors including overexpression and knockdown of gene expression Production and packaging of recombinant adeno-associated vectors Fluorescence scanning Biomolecular Core Biomolecular Core Facility offers customized production of viral vectors and fully accessible bookable […]

CALM – Confocal and Advanced Light Microscopy Facility

Complementing the other SuRF units, the CALM facility aspires to provide a dedicated service for fluorescence-based multi-dimensional optical imaging. Specialising in live specimen imaging, we provide expert advice, help with experimental design, training and access to a large range of state-of-the-art light microscopy platforms. With expertise in a wide range of imaging techniques such as […]

Flow Cytometry Facility

The Queen’s Medical Research Institute Flow Cytometry Facility provides a comprehensive service to all researchers requiring the use of flow cytometry technology and its many associated techniques. The facility allows researchers access to advanced cell sorting instrumentation and flow cytometry analysers, and is fully supported by highly trained facility staff. Flow Cytometry Flow cytometry is […]

Biomolecular and Assay core

Institute for Regeneration and Repair (IRR), located within the University of Edinburgh houses an Assay core service that specialises in optimising and validating immunoassays, running automated analysers for steroid and protein hormones, and biochemistry analytes. Operated by Dr Kirsten Wilson expert advice on sample collection, matrices and volumes required for analysis, quality control and interpretation […]

SuRF @ IRR North

SURF is fully committed to underpinning research throughout the University of Edinburgh, and locally throughout the Little France campus. As part of this commitment Histology and Immunodetection operate a fully equipped satellite laboratory located within the IRR North building. The Biomolecular Core Facility also engages with IRR researchers offering a bespoke viral vector service with […]