Edinburgh Reproductive Tissue Biobank

Edinburgh Reproductive Tissue Biobank http://www.crh.ed.ac.uk/biobank/ offers high quality tissue samples and matched anonymised medical data.

This unique resource is available to all and provides unparalleled access to collections and datasets.

biobank-fullList of Tissues and Samples

  • Saliva
  • buccal smear
  • maternal urine
  • neonatal urine
  • cervical brush biopsy
  • cervical biopsy
  • high vaginal swab
  • blood plasma
  • blood serum
  • cord blood
  • placental biopsy
  • fetal membrane biopsy
  • amniotic fluid
  • subcutaneous fat
  • visceral fat
  • muscle biopsy
  • decidua
  • ovarian tissue
  • myometrium

Using the Biobank

All samples are tissues from pregnant women and are donated to aid scientific research into improving the health, diagnosis and treatment of women and their unborn infants. Anyone wishing to access these materials should first contact Prof. Rebecca Reynolds e-mail: r.reynolds@ed.ac.uk to discuss availability of tissue, governance and ethics issues. The applicant will also be asked to sign a material transfer agreement authorizing release of tissue and anonymised data. All materials are charged for, to cover collection costs and administration and upkeep of the Biobank and examples of the research benefits can be viewed at: http://www.crh.ed.ac.uk/biobank/outputs/