Our mission is to deliver high quality tissue processing, sectioning and special stains for the research community delivered by highly skilled and experienced staff. All requests are accommodated whether routine or specialised to your specific requirements.



Delivering high quality tissue processing, paraffin sectioning, cryostat sectioning and special empirical staining techniques for a diverse range of research requirements.



Melanie and her highly experienced team provide high quality tissue processing, sectioning and staining within a well equipped laboratory with automated slide printing, tissue processing and staining machines to keep costs for end users as low as possible. We can accommodate special requests for end users  such as tissue microarray production (TMA), decalcification of  tissues or the production of sections under RNAse free conditions for in-situ hybridisation and PALM laser capture microdissection.



We operate an opt in-opt out system where we can work with researchers to provide assisted or unassisted activities, for example we can process tissue samples for self-cutting and staining if desired.

Accredited standards

Capable of handling high volume, quick turnaround tissue based studies in spirit of GLP standards.