Histological imaging and immunodetection

Our mission is to deliver publication quality histological imaging , immunohistochemical, immunofluorescent and multiplex staining on fixed cells and tissues in spirit of GLP standards. Using robotic staining platforms and highly experienced staff we deliver the following key services.

  • Histological imaging
  • Primary antibody optimisation
  • High throughput immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence
  • Multiplex protein detection (Colourimetric or Fluorescent)
  • Custom multiplex detection (e.g. mRNA and protein)
  • RNAscope (mRNA detection)
  • Functional assays such as TUNEL (apoptosis)



We have a wide range of Slide Scanners, Confocal microscopes and imaging platforms primarily designed for histological  and fluorescence imaging. This includes POLARIS multispectral slide scanners, Zeiss Axioscan Slide Scanners and confocal microscopes, wide-field microscopes, stereomicroscopes, PALM laser capture microdissection amongst others to support a wide range of histological imaging approaches.



We appreciate that microscopic imaging and immunostaining is an essential part of the process of obtaining publication quality research data and we work closely with our partners in SuRF@Edinburgh Bioquarter to ensure that all samples are prepared to a high standard, suitable for downstream applications e.g. imaging or molecular analysis.

Enabling infrastructure includes Tissue Biobanking, antibody database and resource, on-line reservation system, billing, request forms and web site.


We are keen to engage with you to help design experiments, troubleshoot, cost grants and provide training on microscopes and imaging workstations.

Please come and speak to us it could save you time and money.